"Nothing" is the unthinkable..." 

 Hung on a wall in your room, living  area or office, Arttextry posters may  be proudly displayed as they serve  as a daily source of positive  inspiration. The 'art', tastefully  created by very talented local artists  here in Miami, will draw you near to  read. The 'text',quotes from the  recently published inspirational/self-  help book titled Now O' Clock. Being  Mindful ... it Always is, and authored  by William Garcia, will inspire you to  "Think", to "Be" and to "Do".

About the quote: Fear is what closes doors in our minds; doors through which ideas come and go as we “Thought Surf” about the life we are now living. Close the door of Fear and “Be” open to the Life you imagine.



   Arttextry is the marriage between    'art' and 'text'(thought); the relation  and reflection of one with the other.  Our high quality, full color Arttextry   posters are produced in a  Heildelberg Showcase facility with  Heildelberg 5 and 6 speed masters  with in-line UV coating and state-of-  the-art direct-to-plate systems  presses.


"When two people come together..."

About the poem:  Only “being” mindful of our own presence in the Now, can we appreciate the reality of our finite existence. It is to be mindful of the simple reality that we do not run out of Time; That we simply run out of Life.

It is to “be” mindful that “Now” is that constant instant between the past and the future. It is to “be” mindful that “Now” is the only Time we live and the only Time we can “do” something about almost anything. 

About the quote: To say that we know nothing is measured by the reality that we spend more time in Death than in the finite experience of being alive. The amount of knowledge yet to be known over such a period of time is as infinite as Time itself. It is to say that as much as we know now, we know nothing about the vast ocean of knowledge yet to be discovered and that which is unknowable.

Lady Feminique

"Born and simply called a little baby girl..."


"And it dawned upon me that there is but one life..."

Open to Life

"Stay open to Life and don't let...

About the poem:  From a baby girl with dreams, to a woman on her journey to the Lady she becomes and continues to “be”..


About the quote:  Love does not start out as a full grown tree. It starts as a seed that, with sincere nurturing and time, becomes that tree filled with embracing branches and fruits providing a mindful shelter and emotional sustenance to those who truly love; Those who began as friends and are Time tested; Those whose primary value is, Respect.


Purpose and Passion

"Life and time are two parallel lines..."

About the quote: We may be single parents to an idea. However, ideas are meant to be shared with at least one other person and, hopefully, the world. Like infants, they thrive better being nurtured by two or more.



About the quote: Because Life is, in reality, a finite experience, and as a way to make the most of Time, we should practice “being” Mindful of our own presence in the Now. Being mindful we become aware that it is only in the present that we “are” so that we may “Do” in terms of living our story..

About the poem:  From a baby girl with dreams, to a woman on her journey to the Lady she becomes and continues to “be”., Inc.

Copyright ©  William Garcia 

Arttextry Posters


Lady Feminique

"Born and simply called a little baby girl...


"Too many people use the words..."